Aventine Asset Management Inc.

Our Philosophy

Successfully navigating the opportunities and challenges faced by sophisticated global investors requires highly personalized strategic advice across a variety of complex financial, investment, governance and philanthropic issues. Understanding what is important to you allows us to craft an action plan that focuses on your most pressing concerns and gives you the control necessary to achieve your goals.

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Asset Security

The safekeeping and security of client assets is our top priority. We require that all counterparties provide certification regarding governance policies, capital adequacy, insurance coverage and external audit opinions.

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Global Flexibility

The international investment landscape is continually shifting. Independence and objectivity are key assets that enable our investors to domicile assets with the premier custody banks and managers globally.

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Risk Management

The number one concern of a rational investor is to avoid sustaining any large losses at the portfolio level. Our strategies focus on ensuring that investment risk are both well understood and well compensated.

Investment Principles


We PROTECT capital through non-aggressive portfolio design and adherence to the following time-tested investment principles:

Active Management

We are active managers who utilize quantitative, fundamental and technical analysis to continually optimize our portfolio exposures. We scale position sizes, cash balances and hedging activity for varying liquidity conditions.

Risk Mitigation

Capital preservation through an absolute return focus is key to the successful compounding of wealth over long periods of time. Portfolio hedges can be expensive, but not having them can be disastrous.

Value Investing

We are value investors at our core but see that value investing works best with a catalyst-focus and when combined with additional factors, such as momentum. Our portfolios offer excellent Sharpe Ratios with a “margin of safety”.

Following strategic principles for portfolio construction gives our portfolios the opportunity to GROW at a superior compound rate over time.

Benchmark Agnostic

You can’t beat the market or your benchmark if you own all the same sectors or stocks in similar weights. Being different is the first, essential step on the path to outperformance.

Concentrated Holdings

Your portfolio positions need to be big enough that they move the needle when you are right. They also must be large enough to inspire strong risk management that limits losses when you are wrong.

Alpha Seeking

Very few alpha opportunities exist in large cap market segments where investor scrutiny is highest. They are far more commonly found in underfollowed securities or complex assets shunned by the consensus.