Aventine Asset Management Inc.

Your Path, Our Process

Very few things in life can have a greater impact on your daily routine, family harmony and future legacy than the successful management of your investment portfolio. From helping to sustain and grow permanent wealth across multiple generations to serving as the personal CFO of your family’s international investment portfolio, our Stewardship Process is a coordinated planning framework to encourage thoughtful discussion informed with perspective and experience.

Our Process: What to expect as a client.

THE DISCOVERY: A process centered on you. Over a period of several introductory interviews we may speak with a number of directors, trustees, beneficial owners and other financial decision makers of an entity or account, in order to get a true sense of the various stakeholders and appreciation for why you invest. Open discussion allows us to identify and understand the key motivations behind your long-term goals, including your income, liquidity, philanthropic and estate requirements. Existing
asset structures, tax exposures and legal issues are discussed to the appropriate granularity. A comprehensive discovery will elucidate the unique and personal circumstances that define the investor’s specific preferences and tolerances.

INVESTMENT POLICY: Defining your objectives and constraints.  The development of broad investment policy for your portfolio is a collaborative process that involves composing the information and insights shared with us during our discovery conversations into a guiding charter for our relationship. A well formed statement of investment policy will provide thoughtful reflection in the following areas:

  • Investor profile and organization of assets;
  • Investment risk tolerance, stated return objectives and performance benchmarks;
  • Permitted asset classes and allocation guidelines;
  • Diversification parameters for positions, sectors and geographies;
  • Clarity on the specific style and approach of investment to be undertaken;
  • The timing and degree of the portfolio’s known liquidity demands;
  • Any investment constraints relating to tax, legal or regulatory items;
  • Specifications for reporting frequency and reference currencies by mandate; and
  • Precise policies relating to portfolio expenses and manager compensation.

PORTFOLIO CONSTRUCTION: Asset structuring and strategic implementation.  The process of executing your investment policy begins well before the first securities transaction. We work with you to identify and assess candidate jurisdictions for asset domicile and evaluate a selection of top tier custody banks.  Upon selecting the jurisdiction and custodian that is optimal for you, we implement as per your desired asset structure and then utilize our global network of relationships with executing brokers to initiate the strategic realization of your investment portfolio.

REPORTING: A key area of transparency and communication.  In our experience, meeting the investment reporting needs of global families and international entities requires a platform that is flexible, scalable and compliant with a wide range of accounting and tax standards. Integrated cash flow tracking, risk analytics, performance attribution and compliance reporting deliver enhanced visibility into multi-asset, multi-currency investment portfolios and empower the decision making capabilities of beneficial owners, directors and trustees as they evaluate, monitor and measure risk.

EVOLUTION: Keeping the goalposts relevant.  In our experience advising international investors of significant means, we have come to understand every investor has a unique level of complexity which can evolve significantly over their lifecycle. An equilibrium that exists today across matters such as tax, estate, asset protection and income structuring, may be upset tomorrow by any number of internal or external factors.  A comprehensive and flexible stewardship approach to wealth advisory that proactively addresses complications before they arise can firmly establish confidence and peace of mind in your financial affairs over the long term.